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144 000 Revealed By A Major Jewish Prophet ( The Great Tribulation) 2
Backbiting is a major sin in Islam - KANNADA - 2
Clarinet Concerto In A Major 2
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Piano Sonata No. 11 In A Major K. 331 2
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18th century 1
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4 centers in Nevada and one in NY 1
40 years since a major overhaul 1
48 Hour Film Project 1
48HFP 1
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70s legacy 1
91.7 FM 1
Abbot (Abbie Hoffman) 1
African American 1
Air pollution is a major environmental health problem affecting the developing and the developed countries. Air pollution occurs when the air contains gases 1
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Cold War impact 1
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Democratic 1
Democratic Socialists of America 1
Destructive Generation (Collier & Horowitz) 1
Die Forelle 1
Draft for an Eight-Point Platform for Making a Major Breakthrough on "Left Unity" 1
EPA is providing support and direction for companies to adopt cleaner production technology and practices. An ESP 1
ESP and EIA helps us to preserve our earth from pollution 1
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Emilio Parga, Founder 1
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In the past, for the most part, precision electromagnetic measurements were concerned with the measurement of parameters for sinusoidal (or steady state) excitation and response, e.g., magnitude, phase, and power. One reason for the popularity of frequency domain measurement was that in this domain only one complete data point need be recorded to constitute a useful measurement. Recording a thousand data points as required for precision time domain waveform measurements simply was not feasible. Today such frequency domain measurements are still important but now share their importance with transient pulse time domain measurements. With the emergence of integrated circuit components for (1) sampling or analog to digital conversion, (2) storage, and (3) control, real time digital waveform recording is now practical and widespread in usage. Furthermore, by coupling waveform recording components to minicomputers and microprocessors integrated circuitry it is now possible to record single events using compact systems (instruments) which acquire, record, process, and analyze transient signals. In fact, the incorporation of digital computation integrated circuitry appears to be a major driving force in expanding the role of waveform measurements in the academic, industrial and scientific communities. 1
Indigenous Peoples Day 1
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McGinty podcast, I'm back, Last week was an April fool's joke, It's still a new era of positivity in the life of Mike McGinty, Nothing is changing, Most people bought it, Much of what I talked about was based in reality, Speaking in my normal voice, I had been planning it for over a week, Only two people knew before the show, My wife knew before the show, I tried to be as dramatic as possible, How I ended the show, Putting my thumb over the camera at one point, My friend Jess also knew about the bit, Nick is not on periscope, Nick was very supportive as well, He was fooled, He told me I should be an actor, I received a supportive text from my friend Haley as well, She also applauded my acting ability, Maybe that will be my career path, I asked Johnny to come on today but he's working, It was tough to get the show going today, I was set early but I had to do some things for work, Johnny was tweeting me during the show last week, Twitter viewers do not show up on periscope, I texted Johnny and let him know it was a bit when I took a break, Johnny's show, Sumotive, I am inventing my own language, Scratch on my glasses, I tried toothpaste to fix it but it didn't work, I like my nerd glasses, Nobody gives a flying fuck about this, I had fun playing up that it was my last show, I can't stop doing the show the way I do it, This is me, Making it happen, Judgement free zone, don't judge me, I want more interaction on this show, Maybe Johnny will be on next week, I still haven't deleted my stories from last week, I will do it live on the show, That should be fascinating, Nasally fuck, Evil Mickey Mouse wishing death on me, Mikel rejoicing in my last show, Johnny enjoyed evil Mickey Mouse, My show persona, Doing the show in my normal voice, I pump it up a fucking bit, It's an evolution, Yes YES, The evolution is continuing, All based in reality, I just speak with passion all the time instead of periodically, curing, cursing flows naturally here, I apologize deeply and sincerely, Baseball, sports in general, Baseball was my first love, My downward spiral into partying, I'm back from that, Trying to find time to do it all, Slideshow videos, Blowing myself kisses, I'm a red sox fan, Price and Ortiz looking good, I am NOT doing an entire show about baseball like I did last year, Baseball predictions, Cubs over Royals in the World series, New twitter follower, Theo Epstien hall of fame executive, The way I'm sitting, showing the audience, My dimples, Different angles, I look better from the left side, Only shoot me from the left side, properly manscaped, Freshly shaved chest and pubic zone, Looking like a youngster, Body hair, I blame genetics, I may shave my arms, Recapping, Forcing the LIVE, It needs to be natural, Reading headlines, I feel laid back today, Taking vitamins on the show segment, soliciting people to call or give content for the show, for all my shows, This is a positivity movement, Retweet my show share my show, Grass roots show, I welcome others to get involved, Shania Leigh song I played two shows ago, I fucked around with the song a bit, I hope people get the tone of my show, It wasn't mean spirited, I'm not a dick, Unexpected comedy or shock humor, Mikel attacking me, He is insulting me for manscaping, He said I'm swishy, I don't have to justify myself to Mikel, He tells me to do the Mike McGinty manscaping hour where I give guys shaving tips, He says the show sucks, He hopes I die a slow and painful death, He will take over the show, 9 year old girl that was being bullied completes the navy seal obstacle course, Joey Co co Diaz is LIVE on periscope, Wisconsin primaries, Cruz and Sanders won, Super delegates, I support Gary Johnson, Johnson is at 11% , If he gets to 15% he will be in the debates, That will change the game, Trump Clinton and Sanders are divisive, The republican party will back Cruz if he gets the nomination, I think most thinking American's are Libertarian even if they don't realize it, Bernie is doing well, youth support, Youth support doesn't always translate into a win, Establishment democrats and black voters are backing Clinton, Diving coach sexually harassing male player, He received a very minimal penalty, LET'S SEE, I'm back, LIVE on fucking periscope, He asked one of the student's for oral sex, He also told a player that was bending over that he liked him in that position, If he did this to female students he would be gone, I'm going to say fuck a lot, Periscope and youtube are promotional tools, Do a McGinty marathon on, BYE PERISCOPE, My phone is frozen, poking myself in the face, restarting my phone, Trying to watch my show because it still says I'm live,It's letting me comment, I tell myself I suck and tell myself to drop dead, McGinty is going to be pissed when he sees that, Why is this so glitchy?, My phone is possessed, Looking through an old show, McGinty in 30, This was my first show on periscope, My 41st show, Someone was giving me an attitude in a text on that show, Yelling over myself, I think the visual element has made me more obnoxious, Let's see, I don't remember this story, Walmart sausage thing was on this show, Cusany, I'm a repetitive dick, The kid that knocked the girl of her bike with a basketball, fat kid, porn music, Yes YES, Making fun of my nerdy voice, I'm a nerd, Let's see, Physics, I haven't had any sexual discussions yet, What the fuck?, I'll talk about my cock later, Playing a crying baby over my whining, Remind me to talk about Batman Vs. Superman, Story that was trying to say Star wars was racist against white people, Dumbfounded at the end of this show, singing along with DFD, Me me and dfd, Going to the next show, Credit Jim Norton, Muse started this show, 42nd show started with Muse, let's see, Gay porn boxer, Christopher Lloyd impression, The greatest bit in the history of mankind SUCKED, social justice warriors going after Halloween costumes, Has the show been good so far?, NO!, Playing the girls that tweeted racist pictures, I'm back, I have to go pee pee and get my vitamins, Shut the fuck up!, Talking to Flash, Taking off my jacket, I am not getting facebook updates on my phone, It's pissing me off, It's making me sad, I just posted the periscope portion to facebook, Joey's comment that I couldn't respond to, Maybe he restricted me, Maybe he secretly thinks I'm an asshole, I'm one of the nicest fucking guys you are ever going to meet, drunk Mike McGinty, Taking my vitamins, Chewing that shit up, Talking with my mouth full, Hot teacher sending nudes to former student over snapchat, Apparently some people think that's all snapchat is for, I'm not on snapchat, Promoting this show on social media, not everyone gets technology, Kat Williams I don't find funny, Motel owner was watching couples fuck for YEARS, Joe texts me about facebook comment, Restricting people on facebook, I just realize I didn't post my stuff publicly, Another text, What the fuck kind of show is this!, Fixing the facebook posts, weird dude that I grew up with that was trying to contact me on facebook, Dazed and confused soundtrack, texting during the show, Johnny may be on next Wednesday if he doesn't have driving class, I welcome people to reach out if they want to come on the show, The microphone is much better when Johnny was first on, Little Joey texts again, I haven't done anything on this show, Sounding like Shaggy from Scooby doo, Asking Flash if he wants to do a Shaggy and Scooby bit, Explaining what LOL means, Easter discussion on lmafo with some of the older crowd, My topics at family events include asking my brother if he ever hit himself in the face while masturbating, Boy with octopus stuck in throat, I would try Octopus, I like squid, I have tried frog legs, I am pretty open with food AND sexually, Dominatrix/mob wife lady, I don't get the dominatrix thing, I like to be the aggressor in the sack Tim, I find it kind of silly the other way around, shriver?, Another new word, I would do it if that's what the woman was into but it does nothing for me, role playing scenario, playing some more microphone tests, Beavis impression, It's 1995, Wendy Williams is terribly unattractive as far as I'm concerned, She said Keisha was faking being raped a few weeks back, I never liked Wendy Williams, She was giving her husband a blow job and her son walked in story, I don't want to get into the racial stuff today, The woman that had sex with her dog story, Telling Flash to calm down,Flash is a pervert, Deleting the story of the girl that was shamed by her family for being too attractive, Batman Vs. Superman review, My son has been a Batman guy his entire life, Smallville got me into Superman, I was always kind of a Batman guy, Marvel has been doing it better these days, Terrible reviews by the critics for this movie, Yes YES, Let's see, The newer Superman movies have been lacking, I haven't seen the Christopher Reeve Superman movies, Is tv a better format for the Superman backstory?, Ben Affleck as Batman, He wasn't my favorite Batman, He was okay, The voice changing mask my son received for Easter, I thought the movie was good, Walking dead finale, skip ahead if you don't want a spoiler, Walking dead graphic novels, In the graphic novel he kills Glenn, Many fans thought he would kill Darryl, Who did Negan kill?, I thought the guy that played Negan was fantastic, We know it wasn't Rick or Carl, I think it was Maggie, Killing the pregnant character would be maximum awfulness, She is the only remaining character from her family, She is also the most attractive female on the show, The walking dead fans are all upset because of the cliff hanger, Alias and Lost had cliff hangers all the time, Refuckinglax, Walking dead dwarfs the competition in ratings, Rip my hair out of the wall?, The entitled fans want instant gratification, they are starting petitions and saying they will never watch again, grow up, listen to my archives for the next six months walking dead fans, Wendy William's on Conan, Team co-co, Nobody stuck with Conan or watches his show, late night shows, article makes me laugh hard, recording the vitamins, Wendy Williams sucking her husband's dick and her son walked in, She didn't stop when the son came in, the son was 13, do you think he jerked off thinking about it?, That may have fucked him up, If he didn't have access to porn that could be all he has seen sexually, How would you handle that at 13?, I would not, judgment free zone, If that's just in your mind I guess that's okay, I'm starting to turn the corner on Wendy Williams since she kept going after he walked in, Do you think the dad gave him the thumbs up?, I take poetic license and add to the story a bit, The son wouldn't let her kiss him, He didn't want Dad's jizz on his face, That's reasonable, The son has a synthetic marijuana addiction, I don't know much about synthetic marijuana, regular marijuana is not really addictive, Have any of you ever walked in on your parents having sex?, Hit me up @MikemcGintyface on twitter, walking in as dad is prepping mom for anal, Mom tied up and dad is in the bathroom, What do you do?, Have you ever come across a sex tape of mom and dad?, Being walked in on during sex?, That has happened but wasn't severe, Bounty hunter coming to my door during sex, Landlord, It's never happened during like a hardcore moment, How would I handle that?, If it was a child I would stop, It is was someone else?, I guess that depends, Good stories, Poop girl story ended my show last week, Motel owner watching people fuck story, He had a good run, He told on himself, Invading privacy is ALWAYS wrong, It's a major violation, His name is FOOS, He was spying from a fake ceiling vent, He bought the hotel in 1966, So he saw the pubic hairstyle changes over the years, It must have been a great day when he saw that first shaved pussy, That's what I like, I am very visual, I don't mind occasional hair, Where was I?, His wife was in on this too, He and his wife would have sex while watching these people have sex, That sounds alright, The only problem is that they didn't know, His first wife died, He got his second wife to do this with him too, I have to applaud him for making that happen, I have a moral problem with the spying, How do the ladies feel about this?, Watching porn during sex?, acting out the porn movie, Getting her to agree to that then putting in a black gangbang movie, He sold the place in 1995, He spied on his aunt as a child, I guess at the age to an extent any naked woman will do, I can't imagine a real old person with translucent skin would do it, I can't imagine a 500 pound woman wiping her ass would be a turn on, He preferred young attractive couples, big surprise there, he got jaded watching couples fight, monogamy is not natural speaking instinctively, love is a human emotion and that plays a role as well, right or wrong that's reality, How many monogamous animals do you see?, Various animals, This is getting ridiculous, back to the story, FOOS claims he witnessed a murder, That would sour most on voyeurism, statute of limitation has past on the peeping, FOOS looks down on modern creeps, He said he never exposed these people, I guess I can see the difference, I think most would watch if they stumble across people having sex, exposing people is worse, I'm with you FOOS, He thinks it was fine, I disagree, I wonder if I have ever been recorded in a hotel, There would be a little bit of pride but it's still a violation, He is trying to make money, I will be back next week unless I die, Playing Elvis Follow that dream, That's what I'm fucking doing 1
McGinty podcast, final show, The reasons I am stopping this show, I'm not in character, This is very difficult for me, I put a lot of work into this show, This has been a dream of mine, Fucking my life up when I was younger, tumultuousness and turmoil related to this show, Some of the topics and how open I am have been a problem, This show is very vulgar, This is me, This is my therapy, This show has helped me let go of fear and insecurity, My early shows, parody of the most obnoxious parts of my personality, This has reached a boiling point for me personally, Maybe down the road I will be back, I will finish the slideshow videos at least, It is going to be hard to do a normal show, I have changed a lot as a person, I don't even know if stopping the show will help, Some of the things that have caused problems, This was a fight just to get time to do the show today, I need to be real and speak freely, I had to do this, I had to say goodbye, I appreciate the support from all of you, I am trying to hold it together, I don't know if I can finish on periscope, I apologize if this is shit, My personal life and what I want creatively are at odds, I have been disassociating, coming to life, I made this decision last minute, I got a hair cut, Nice words from Nick on periscope, The support has made me feel good, I tried to break into my normal podcast personality, This should clear up any issues with my sanity or drug use, Pumping up my personality, yes YES, I don't walk around in podcast mode all the time, I just accidentally started playing cups again, This isn't the regular Mike McGinty show, I want to get into the regular Mike McGinty show, One last fucking wild ride, Take the journey with me, It's still a new era of positivity, It's a sad day but let's make it a fucking celebration, I'm watching the video, Looking for a story I saw this morning, audio slows down, LET'S SEE, Verbal crutches, I SUCK!, I am still going to be me, I can't be anything else, audio REALLY slows down and sounds creepy, watch the youtube video to hear this portion of the show, I can't find the story, What's best for the show is me scrolling through a website and giving you no content, newspaper is hysterical, periscope will end soon, Anthony Cumia going to rehab, Bubba the love sponge claims he almost fought Opie even though Opie says they never met, Howard Stern being a douche bag, Class for teachers on how to not fuck the students, This is more directed at female teachers, Periscope doesn't tell em who is listening, It doesn't even show me all the followers, escorts that are following me, I appreciate the support, I don't want the solicitation, I enjoy sex, I am not seeking prostitutes, I do support your profession though, Imagining some of the curriculum, The way society views a male teacher having sex with a female student vs a female teacher having sex with a male student, BYE PERISCOPE, Fuck that, I'm going back live and finishing the story, @mikemcgintyface on twitter, for all the old shows, 17 year old that had TWO female teachers giving him head AND he got them to agree to letting him film it, Love that society doesn't understand, That only works with a female teacher as society sees it, Mary Kate Leterno, Teacher's that I had, None were attractive, Vast array of things I find attractive, age range, body type, It's all about presentation and what gets my juices flowing, Is this what causes the problems?, This is me, One teacher arrested or convicted for sex with a student in Alabama for every week over the past month, Using a position of power to solicit sex, Even if one has good intention it may not be the ebst ides, case by case basis, Having sex with a college professor, In some cases I would be okay with it, Judgement free zone, I support you, Unless the professor is using sex to hold over the student's head, One in the pink one in the stink, Johnny checking in on twitter, He thinks it would be worth it for the grade, Thanking Johnny, I am a vulgar fucking son of a bitch deal with it, Latangela, Is she Irish?, Latangela is black and we know it just by the name, That's not racist of me, Suggs, Mick name, Tripping over my words because I'm sad, Johnny agrees that Latangela is a black name, Playing out how this class may have gone again, I just heard a whole bunch of creeps packing their bags for Alabama, I don't think this class is going to work, I think they all know they aren't supposed to fuck the students, Inappropriate relationships according to this class, social media, maybe if they are sending cock pics and sexting, How the fuck do they know what started it, These are all female teachers, 18 year old student, Is that a problem?, Saying fuck a lot on my final show, Imagine the scenario where a teacher offers a naked picture, Instant erection, maybe even cum in my pants, YES!, The cock was popping up all the time at that age, Making jizz in my pants is what I'm trying to say, reading captions to pictures again, The show is dead, Middle show teacher Latangela, Middle school is a much bigger problem, I'm a cunt, Dick, end of periscope show?, Johnny would fuck the teacher and keep his mouth shut, I would like to think I would keep my mouth shut too, I don't know about keeping my mouth shut at that age, It's mostly the parents of the boys that are telling, I don't think many of the young boys are telling on the female teachers, Looking through and old show, New era of positivity, YES!, My intros are so long because I'm important, Maybe I just don't gave enough content, SHUT THE FUCK UP!, That bit sucked, Surrounded by cocks, evil Mickey Mouse, He is glad the show is ending, He hopes I have a heart attack as soon as the show is over, sexual breast feeding, I support public breast feeding, This woman was oiling herself and the child up and selling the videos, Johnny likes evil Mickey Mouse, Evil Mouse wants me to be run over and have my head severed by the positivity train, He says ride the train with him right to the grave, Asking if Johnny would jerk off to sexual breast feeding videos, Evil Mickey Mouse wishes death on me some more, Johnny would jerk off, ominous, Mikel checking in, He's laughing that my show is going away, I have talked about my death a lot, please don't eat me, I am playing the best way to serve me if a cannibal were to eat me, saying goodbye to periscope, Just because periscope ends doesn't mean that I can stop talking, Shut the fuck up, responding to a text, Johnny, Thanking more people, Too many people to thank, recapping when Johnny was on the show, We fucking shall, What day is it today?, nine year old girl that was being bullied completes navy seal obstacle course, 15 year old pepper sprayed at Donald Trump rally, Both sides are doing this, Trump supporters seem to be doing this a little more, Trump encourages it, Desnudas and costume characters in times square, I support female public toplessness, Costume characters are often sex offenders or homeless people, cd scam artists, I say fuck a lot, Fuck and shit, I giggle after I curse, Kat Williams is going through a mental breakdown, Kat Williams fights a 17 year old, I don't find Kat Williams funny, Shticky comics, Comedy is subjective, He is not funny to me, Poop girl, This girl pooped in her date's toilet but it wouldn't flush so she picked it up and put it in her purse, shit fetishists, She told the story on twitter and it went viral, Nixon aid claims the war on drugs was set-up to target black people and the counter-culture, admitting that drug sentencing is tougher on black people, white lives matter, I give the daily news credit for reporting this, HOWEVER a unarmed white man was killed by police and race was never mentioned, racially motivated attacks against white people aren't given any press coverage and the legal system doesn't charge the attack as a hate crime, Black people can't be racist argument, If the man was black race would have been the focal point, The press is furthering the racial divide for ratings and paper sales, Hold the media accountable, white people have played a major part in the civil rights movement, Black on white racially motivated violence is far more prevalent than white on black racially motivated violence, White people holding down black people was wrong, What is going on today is also wrong, True equality and a level playing field is ideal, Whites need not apply to play in New York, I'm not making videos until the end of this show, The beautiful and sexy Whoopi Goldberg, She is a handsome woman, Whoopi has a period relief product and the primary ingredient is WEED, Whoopi impression, working it out as I go, I belched, The product is only available in California right now, Weed seems to be the curse all, Tommy Chong claims weed cured his cancer, It helps children with seizures, Fuck all those politicians for keeping it illegal all this time, Alcohol has been legal that whole time, Bad things that can happen with alcohol, Woman has sex with her dog, peanut butter used for this, Her boyfriend told the cops during a fight, Woman that was made to hide her body by her family, They taught her to be ashamed of her body, Anthony Cumia going to rehab, I'm glad he is listening to me :), I have support Ant in some areas and I can't in other areas, Anthony is extremely talented, I would love to see an Opie and Anthony reunion, Fuck off Stern fans, Opie and Anthony were funnier and did much more for comedy, Bubba the love sponge is a hack and a liar, Bubba was begging Howard Stern for a job, Anthony backed up Opie even though they have been at odds, Opie saying good morning to Stern in halls of Sirusxm, This made Howard angry, Howard has the hallway shut down when he walks through now, Howard thinks he is the pope, Howard has really become an elitist douche bag, Howard really was a talented funny guy years ago, Talking about the woman having sex with dogS, one in the pink one in the stink?, Woman tried to charge her boyfriend with sexual battery, He responded by showing police the dog videos, The dogs performed oral on her while she masturbated, The article makes me laugh FOR REAL this time, He may have really sexual assaulted her, A few things could of happened, Girl in Florida took selfies while fucking a pitbull in her grandmothers' house, Was granny masturbating in the corner?, THE ARISTOCRATS!, How could one be turned on by animals?, Judgement free zone with another adult willing human being, rapid fire the poop story, She has many date offers after her poop story, Wondering if these guys want her to squat over a glass table while they masturbate under the glass table, Or saran wrap over their bodies and mouth and she blasts away on them, If she was so confident she would have just left the shit in his toilet, HAHA, She wanted to be a viral sensation based on her looks and now she is known as poop girl, I don't get the shit fetishists, Make it happen for yourself and become a shitting dominatrix, embrace it, Taking a moment again to thank the audience, Maybe I will be back someday, Playing Miss you by Blink 182, Thank you and goodbye, APRIL FOOLS, I will be back next week, 1
Megan Fox 1
Menage a trois 1
Mindwell 1
Mission Impossible 1
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Mussorgsky 1
Nat Gertler 1
National Committee for the Independent Political Action 1
Native American 1
Next Town Over 1
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Niccolò Paganini 1
Niccolò Paganini Sonata concertata en A major 1
Night on Bald Mountain 1
Nintendo 1
North American Free Trade Agreement 1
On One 1
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Op. 39 Grand Sonata in A major Romanze 1
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Op. 68 1
PVA (Progressive Vermont Alliance) 1
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Paul Telner 1
People United 1
People’s Fast for Justice and Peace in the Americas 1
Pet Tales 1
Piano Concerto No. 23 in A major 1
Piano Quintet In A Major 1
Piano Sonata in A major D. 664 1
Pops 1
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Preludio 10 - A major 1
Preludio 9 - A major 1
Rainbow Coalition 1
Rapid increase in construction activities has resulted in shortage of conventional construction materials.In the present scenario 1
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SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) 1
SNCC (Student Non-violent Coordination Committee) 1
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Sacramento Bee Book Club appearance 1
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